East Boot Road forms the border between East and West Goshen Townships; itís also a heavily travelled route by both commuters and commercial operators. Itís also attractive to developers and businesses, sometimes to the detriment of homeowners.

Our Mission:

Provide unbiased and timely information about the special situation on East Boot Road in West Goshen. Where possible, we'll provide original content or first-person accounts to help understand current events. Otherwise, we'll link back to the original source. We support homeowners by providing information about events, and also promote the Township’s allegiance with homeowners. We support businesses that support and respect our community, especially local businesses.

Support Structure:

We're volunteer based; we donít have sponsors, advertisers, shareholders or any other pecuniary interests.

We're interested in news reports and accurate information, particularly first-person reports. You don't need a degree in journalism or a background in intelligence to contribute! You can reach us via email here. Weíll always ask your permission before publishing anything you submit. And your personal information will not be published.

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